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OFWGKTA Odd Future
OFWGKTA Odd Future

Anonymous: Can you make sussano wall paper with all of the sussanos in it pretty please :)

Maybe tomorrow

Anonymous: Omg that anon was so totally rude. You are so totally cute and you just don't want to post pictures of yourself because you don't want people to like your blog because of your face. And Btw I have seen you and you are hella cute so that person can stfu. And your blog is hella cool because we don't really know who you are Sooo yeah and ily

People are gonna be rude, it’s just something I’ve learn that I have to deal with. I don’t really take it to heart. But thanks for your love ♡

Anonymous: Who's Haley that tyler talks about in his songs

Is this a serious question or?

Anonymous: I didn't mean to offend u when I asked y girls always send u sexual related stuff I just wanted to know because how could someone who only post odd future things be a turn on no offense

Like I said I don’t know. Usually when a girl sends me something sexual off anonymous the first thing I say is I’m not in odd future.

Anonymous: i dont understand why any girl would do anything with you your obviously ugly cause you dont post pics

ask them not me.